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CaveChick, Inc. is the passion of mine, a mom and an original CaveChick. Call me The Nutritional Foodie! A labor of love the recipes for CaveChick cookies are home recipies I developed in the mid 90's for my 3 children in response to health and nutritional needs. I found dairy product and other conventional ingredients were making my children, my family, sick. Together we learned to eliminated foods that caused allergic and intolerance symptoms specific to each of us. We also conscientiously made our food choices based on unrefined and minimally processed ingredients including heirloom grains, less refined sweeteners and organic whenever possible. We were eating a whole food plant based diet which I (we) learned is the best way to eat for a strong immune system! This led to my entire family regaining a healthy immune system and eliminating common acute and chronic ailments.

My nutrition education always centered around the teaching that the healthiest way to eat is like that of a caveman, using foods as they come from nature. My family, with our good eating habits still wanted to enjoy modern treats, like cookies! A cookie or muffin, etc is only as wholesome as the ingredient used to make it. So I used wholesome ingredients like Ancient Whole Grains, Ground Flax and sweetened my treats with maple syrup. Plus, omitting common allergens like dairy products, eggs and modern wheat while incorporating the new found ingredients. Family and friends always wanted me to baked my cookies for I did! Now, these cookies are baked for you. CaveChick cookies are available to make cookie snacking much more wholesome and healthier for you too.

CaveChick, Inc. cares about everyone's health and quality of life. CaveChick cookies are 'food' quality snacks that taste great. CaveChick cookies gets you to your healthiest diet one cookie at a time. You have a desire to understand and learn about food, nutrition and allergies. Let's start the lesson with cookies!

Any CaveTummy would crave the wholesome Non-GMO Project verified ingredients; ancient heritage organic 100% whole grain spelt, ground brown flax seed for healthy Omega 3's, and sustainable, nutritious maple sugar. The CaveChick cookie recipes are dairy and egg free so you know there was no need to raid the pterodactyl nest or milk a mastodon to make CaveChick Chocolate Chip, DoubleDevil, Oats & Raisin or CaveDoodle cookies. Alcohol free real vanilla is used in all the cookies too! (Please note: Made on equipment that processes dairy, eggs, soy and nuts. Contains: Wheat (Spelt), Soy Lecithin (Chocolate chips))

CaveChicks, CaveMoms & CaveDads, CaveGrandmas & CaveGrandpas and all CaveKids will love the great tasting, ready to eat cookies that are wholesome and delicious. We are proud to share with you the best cookies ever to be enjoyed! Dump the real!

Update: CaveChick Inc turned off the ovens 10/01/2016 but the passion of a Nutritional Foodie live on via the blog.


Bio: As my family grew so did the health issues, visits to the doctor and constant antibiotic use. Chronic 104 degree fevers, bronchitis, ear infections, acne, psoriasis, sinus infections, anxiety, lack of concentration, fatigue, sinus polyps and behavioral concerns plagued her family. Her husband's health was failing, written off as a byproduct of a stressful job was constantly prescribed antidepressants from top doctors at top hospitals. Years of unsatisfactory answers from doctors as to the causes of the family's constant ill health and wondering how the human race could have survived given it's current reliance on pharmaceuticals left her searching for answers. I was introduced to the idea of environmental allergies and intolerance becoming a vivacious reader of anything that had to do with nutrition, additives, foods and environmental toxins. My husband was found to have Leukemia, leaky gut and Epstein-Barr to name a few by a local alternative cancer specialist. In 1995 I became the manager and oversaw 5 elimination diets and subsequent food challenges and read everything I could find on the effects of 'non-food' and food allergies/sensitivites on our bodies....and how whole food heals!

I went on to earn a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, AL in 2004. I've has taught nutrition classes to grade school children and has spoken out for individual health through food choice. I even competed in two Mrs. Illinois Pageants to promote food choice as a key to great health. In late 2008 the idea to started a cookie company, using home recipes came to mind to help others transition to better food choices. CaveChick, Inc. cookie company was born. Dairy free, egg free cookies with whole grain spelt flour, ground flax seed and maple sweetened. A wholesome cookie to snack on! Update: With clients such as Whole Foods the small nitch market developed wasn't enough to continue and so the CaveChick cookie ovens were closed in Oct 2016.

My philosophy: It is easy to take control of your health if you just decide to take control of what you choose to eat and that no amount of dollars dedicated to the health care system will help improve health if personal eating habits don't come into consciousness. Think about it, living organisms have evolved to consume food for the nutrients it will provide to sustain life. Humans are the only organism to consciously choose food void of any nutrients. It is logical to conclude that disease and weakening of the species will occur due to lack of necessary vital food delivering nutrients.

My mission: To allow everyone the opportunity to learn the connection of their food choices and health.

Be Healthy     Be Natural     Be Tempted

CaveChick cookies!