CaveChick Offers Environmentally-Friendly Tips in Support of American Forests

CaveChick Offers Environmentally-Friendly Tips in Support of American Forests


Ways to Make Your Home (& Self) Environmentally Friendly


The only thing better than a good idea is being invited to take part in that good idea. And so, CaveChicklife is honored to take part in promoting the Arhaus + American Forests partnership for forest restoration. The One Purchase, One Tree initiative. My contribution is a tip from me to you on the Infograph that the Arhaus designers created which offers insight into ways to make your house more environmentally friendly. Their contribution is to plant 25,000 trees.

It was a surprise to learn that American Forests is the oldest conservation organization.  For 140 years they have been protecting and restoreing the most vital forests in West Virginia, Michigan, Minnesota and Missouri.  Regenerating forest includes planting trees plus clearing invasive species growth which then encourages the reformation of a successful ecosystem.  Americn Forests works in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service and Fish and Wildlife Service to restore our public lands too.  This is very cool as my family spent many vacations via road trips enjoying the treasures of our National Parks and forests.  CaveChick Tip: Plan a trip to a National Park this summer. And don't forget to join in a Ranger program...the kids will love the Junior Ranger badge activites!  Learn more about American Forests at,   

Hiking is fun       Even at 2yrs               

circa 1996  Natural Bridges National Monument , Utah

Arhaus is a home furnishings company with a deep commitment to protecting the Earth's natural resources. Founded in 1989, this American company sources artisan work from around the United States and abroad for unique and one of a kind sustainability crafted furnishings. If you haven't yet visited an Arhaus store or now is a perfect time...their unique functional pieces from recycled natural resources are outstanding. 


My Mom knows. She's a proud owner of one of the Arhaus beautiful recycled copper topped dining table and chairs that's nestled nicely in her kitchen dining space. Whether is holding 'stuff' or feeding all her grandchildren it's up for the challenge. Many memories around that table. FYI: I have my eyes on a reclaimed wood storage piece and tufted sofaYou can browse Arhaus' other luxury sofas here.

Now CaveChicklife's Tip is not only about sustainability of the home and environment but also the sustainability of ourselves. Near and dear to me is sharing my knowledge of the importance of wholesome food choices to a healthy life. Check out the infograph! My 'Know Your Farmer. Join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for variety of locally sourced produce' is something I gave my family beginning in 1995. Realizing the Standard American Diet 'food' I was feeding my family was not only unwholesome but was literally making us sick it was obvious change had to happen.  Our food needed to become wholesome.. We needed a whole food plant based diet!

Step One... Be Dairy Free!

Step Two... Don't eat anything with artificial flavor, color, preservatives.

Step Three..Do eat Whole Grains.

Step Three...Eat organic produce and herbs in abundance.

I went on a mission to find organic produce. Remember this was 1995 and Whole Foods stores were not in the Chicago area yet. Searching, I was intrigued when I came across an ad for an organic farm selling seasonal shares in a Community Supported Agriculture farm (CSA). This was new and exciting and just what my family needed. One of the best things I did was sign us up as 'shareholders' for the weekly freshly harvested deliveries. It was like Christmas in a box each week. Bountiful in season vegetable and herbs from a farm that we were now a part of. We knew the farmer. We helped on the farm from planting and harvesting, boxing the vegetable and herbs for weekly share deliveries and even helped with infastructure. Our home for many years was a pickup location for other area 'shareholders' to get their boxes. We enjoyed shareholder Family events on the farm like picnics, camp outs, barn raisings and the different learning classes offered. My kids learned where their vegetable came from and they worked the land. We ate vegetable that I had never purchased before and might never have purchased. And it was organic, fresh, in season and sustainable (our CSA used Biodynamic principles). We were members for 20 years. It was awesome! With our new found health we spent no time or $ and the doctor's office and had time to enjoy our lives. Check out the CSA's in your area. You'll be glad you did!    

By joining a CSA you are increasing sustainablity to the food supply by:

  • Encouraging rural and urban citizens shared responsibility for the land
  • Becoming a shareholder of a CSA the risk and rewards of harvest are 'shared' amongst the farm family
  • Knowing your farmer encourages sustainable farming practices so look for certified oragnic and when possible Biodynamic maintained CSA farms, What is biodynamic link:
  • CSA fosters community and the greatness of planet earth
  • CSA encourage wholesome and healthy lifestyles which can decrease the burden of Lifestyle dieases on ourselves and the economy

            circa summer 2000 picking/washing/hauling basil and green onions on the farm

CaveChicklife's Tip is about you....Your sustainability! So Sustain, Don't Drain: Strengthen your body functions, immune system and control weight by choosing to eat a whole food plant based and dairy free diet. According to the CDC, Lifestyle diseases cost an estimated $1 Trillion in 2012. That is not sustainable. So my prayer for you is....


Be Happy Be Healthy Be Sustainable