New Year You 2018

New Year You 2018

New Year You

Time for a reset...Health and life starting with my first time ever detox program. It's time to re-access and dump all the junk. I know I am not alone in this proclamation. Hopefully I'm not the only one that's taking action. It's exciting and nerve wracking at the same time to proclaim change because as we all know change brings the unknown. But nerves aside, I'm cleaning my life inside and out. Don't want anything weighing me down in 2018 so I'll be doing a lot of praying for Wisdom too!

Where can changes be made? Possibilities are: Food Choices, Exercise, Activities, Priorities: Urgent vs Important, 'Friends', Lifestyle, Business Practices, and Financial choices: spending, saving and tithing. Big list to think about so as I think this month I will be trying something new.....

Today I begin my first cleanse. Over the years there have been many different cleanse programs brought to my attention. For instance, the starve yourself cleanse wasn't appealing and the cookie cleanse was but both of those plus all the others just didn't make sense to me, a nutritional foodie. Keep seeking and you shall find...and so I did!

Earlier this year I began working with doTerra International, an essential oil, supplement and personal/home care product company. Loving their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils and the LifeLong Vitatlity trio of supplements I thought the Cleans & Restore kit (link below) was a no brainer for me to try. The Cleanse & Restore is a 30 day program of doTerra supplements all perfectly planned to support, cleanse and reboot your entire body while eating a wholesome whole food diet full foods like whole grains, fruit, veggies, nuts and legumes. As the Nutrional Foodie THIS makes sense!

Having blogged about wholesome diets (link below) in the past you'd get the idea that I am very serious about the HUGE delinquencies in the American Diet. xxxx Yes, yes, choice is important!

I am looking forward to this experience experiment and sharing my Cleanse & Restore journey.


Full disclosure: I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate (WA #4610402)....allow me to guide you on how you can best use doTerra essential oils and products. More information is available at: or email me at:

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