Dairy Free monDay!: The Day I Told My Pediatrician We Were Healthy and Dairy Free

I remember it perfectly, as all women do. The well baby doctor visit with my 3 young children ages 7, 5 and 1 some months after my family had adopted a totally dairy free lifestyle. The doctor commented, upon entering our assigned check up room, she was surprised to see us as she and her office staff had assumed we'd changed pediatricians. You see they were accustomed to seeing us every week or so for various common chronic illnesses over the previous 7 years. Let me tell you we were at the doctor's office all-the-time! If we weren't looking for relief from a 'common cold' or the flu we were suffering from high fevers, bronchitis, ear infections, sinus infections, even checking out sore throats for strep. It would be an understatement to say I was concerned and frustrated that my 3 kids were always sick or that their dad and I had health issues too. It wasn't uncommon for me to be in my bathing suit late in the night cradling one of my children in the hot steam of the shower for relief from a respiratory situation.


It had been about 3 months since our last visit. Imagine how proud I felt that I was about to share with the good doctor my new found method of keeping my kids healthy and off antibiotic. For the years we'd been customers of her practice my concerns of the sick-all-the-time nature of our family was met with explanations of 'it's just going around' or 'it's just your child'. These answers of course did not sit well with me. Come on mom's....you hear me, on someone saying your kids are basically 'sickly'. Those are fightin' words!


What do you think was our doctor's reaction to the news of our diary free lifestyle and good health? Not what you'd expect. Or at least not what I expected. No happiness for the kids lack of suffering. No congratulations. No interest in anything. Not even the common questioning of calcium source. She just picked up her clip board and walked out the door mumbling, “If that works for you.”


Huh! Odd response. Why wasn't she interested in my family new healthy status? I quickly thought she didn't what to know.  Or I could continue to believe that she had no training in nutrition and food as the source of health and so became very fearful of the lack of knowledge she possessed.


According to a 2014 article from The American Journal of Medicine, A Deficiency of Nutrition Education in Medical Training, States a survey that found fewer than 20 hours of study is devoted to nutrition in medical schools. There is virtually no connection to nutrition to 'human diets or common disease”. The article also cited a survey that 14% of doctors felt they had adequate training in nutrition. It's hard to believe that 61% of patients believe doctors are 'very credible' information sources for diet and nutrition guidance, according to American Dietitian Association (2008).  http://www.amjmed.com/article/S0002-9343(14)00308-8/fulltext


Michael Gregor, M.D., NutritionFacts.org, Doctors' Nutritional Ignorance (09/07/2007), basically sums up that doctors' lack of nutritional knowledge could be viewed as 'doctor assisted suicide'. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/doctors-nutritional-ignorance/

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circa 1997

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