Posted on 07/20/2015

On May 15, 2015 (about a month ago), the world celebrated National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Seeing as CaveChick has mastered the allergy-friendly version of this delicious classic, I decided to stop by a couple of radio stations so that they could try the cookies out for themselves. AM560 Radio was so kind as to mention us in their morning segment after I stopped by and talked to the host, Dan, for a little while. I had a great time at the station and am excited to have you listen to what they had to say! Click on the link below for the clip of the segment:


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Posted on 07/10/2015

With the biggest Summer holiday just behind us (happy belated 4th of July, everyone!) and Labor Day weekend ahead, you might feel Summer is almost over. Don't dismay. There are still plenty more picnics, block parties, birthday celebrations and barbecues in store! Which is why we’re here to help. Planning a Summertime party can be an adventure.

It’s can even be challenging when you have kids with dairy, egg or modern wheat intolerances. Breaking down what they can and can’t eat at parties can be very confusing. Especially at the dessert table, keeping yourself away from conventional ingredients (refined sugars and refined grains) can be difficult and hard to manage. This doesn't mean the 'fun' stuff is all off-limits!

CaveChick cookies are dairy free and egg free; made with Whole Grain Organic Spelt, Ground Flax Seed and Maple sweetened for a more wholesome, allergen friendly cookie. Enjoy this delicious recipe I made for my family as a fun alternative and maybe even more wholesome dessert when compared to the traditional. These nondairy ice cream sandwiches are fun and easy to make. You and your kids can enjoy during the Summer heat at any celebration, or simply in your own backyard. The only problem you’ll have with these CaveChick ice cream sandwiches is keeping your hands off of them!

CaveChick’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches


2 - CaveChick cookies of your choice. Try Chocolate Chip, DoubleDevil, Oats & Raisin or CaveDoodle flavors
1 scoop - Your choice of dairy-free ice cream (we like So Delicious Coconut Milk Dairy-Free Vanilla and Chocolate)
Optional: Shredded coconut, shaved dairy free dark chocolate or Let's Do Organic Natural* sprinkles *no artificial flavor or colors Instructions: Sandwich the ice cream between the two cookies of your choice. For a little extra flavor and decoration, add the sprinkles or shredded coconut around the edges of the sandwich. Place in sealed glass container or wrap in plastic wrap and let harden in freezer. Keep frozen until ready to eat and enjoy!

Quick Tip: To easily and neatly make perfect ice cream sandwiches it's best to have a perfect ice cream layer. The following method works best when ice cream is packaged in the pint containers. Simply put container on it's side on a non slip surface. With a sharp knife, cut through the bottom of the container and discard. Remove container lid. With clean scissors, cut container away from ice cream. Now take sharp knife and cut ice cream in desired thickness. One forth to one half inch thick ice cream slices work best. Now sandwich between your cookies. Perfect!

Who knew there was such a simple (and sweet) solution to the allergy-friendly and wholesome dessert problem? Happy Summer!

- Lori

Be Healthy Be Natural Be Tempted (TM)

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Posted on 06/25/2015

While we’re still waiting for the weather to really heat up, CaveChick knows that when it gets hot in Chicago, it gets hot fast. Once the temperature starts to rise, the importance of hydration does too. For some, it might be a struggle to drink the recommended eight to 10 glasses of water per day, especially when you’re craving something sweet! When we came across this recipe for watermelon ice cubes on, the urge to take a slight twist on these refreshing cubes was too hard to resist.

These ice cubes make a great addition to your daily dose of water and are perfect for summer barbeques and patio dinners. The best part? You get the sweet taste without taking in loads of sugar!

This quick and easy recipe only requires:

-¼ of a watermelon (six cups), cut into 1-inch cubes
-Fresh mint leaves
-Water, seltzer, or any other drink you’d like to put these in Instructions: Place watermelon in a blender and puree

Pour puree into ice cube trays
Wash mint leaves and place one mint leaf within each cube
Freeze for at least four hours up to two days
Place in drink of choice and enjoy!

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Posted on 05/04/2015

Oh! the Confusion of Labels

Doesn't it drive you crazy? I'm talking about trying to understand packaged food labels. You think you have it down but then, when you think you have it figured out, media headlines send you back to the ropes. Recently we had just such a headline letting us know KIND Bars aren't 'healthy' as the company claims, according to the FDA. What do you do in this crazy world of food labels? My suggestion is, ignore it! Most of it anyway. This is easy to do if you have a basic understanding into the politics of 'food' and what defines 'healthy', 'wholesome' and 'food'.

Oh! the politics.....The government, FDA, has decided after collecting all sorts of scientific data (and maybe a few lobbying $$) what we should eat and in what amounts they considered healthy. Labeling laws are meant to let the consumer know that if certain terms, statements or adjectives are used on a label that it is truthful according to the FDA and their determined Nutritional Values. In most cases these statements are not based on the ingredients use to make the product but the Nutritional Values alone. As we move on you'll see there is a huge problem with this way of thinking. But let's get back to the label. KIND bars claim to 'Health' was based on ingredients albeit not by the FDA Nutritional Values label law regulations. So too much saturated fat in a serving was the labeling problem. KIND bars are made of an assortment of nuts, dried fruit and honey. Sound wholesome but that's not the point. Too much saturated fat per serving is the point according to the FDA. The nuts are cited as the culprit for their natural state puts them in the high fat food category. (Don't get ahead of yourself! Fat isn't a bad thing IF it's eaten correctly.) According to the FDA label regulations in order to use the term 'Healthy' a serving must have less than 1g of saturated fat. The Am Heart Assoc and the FDA agrees that saturated fat intake should not exceed 16g per day, which is about 6% of calories in a 2000 calorie a day diet. Confused yet? The FDA is telling you it's ok to eat up to 16grams of saturated fat a day but not more that 1g in any one item at any one time. Hold on to something because this regulation stuff gets even better! The FDA recommends for a healthy diet to consume 1.5 oz of nuts a day. They must not want you to eat them all at once because depending on what nut you are eating 1.5 oz of nuts has 3-4grams of saturated fat. The USDA (another government regulatory body) recommends 1 oz of nuts daily but the USDA My Plate dietary chart recommends ½ oz daily. At the end of all this confusion all that really matters is that the FDA label law states in the use of the adjective 'Healthy' on the product label it can not have more than 1g of saturated fat per serving. Pheww....

Alright, so what's the take away on a label? It's the ingredient list. Read it first! Then ask yourself what is it you want to achieve by eating this item? If you are looking to be healthy; do the ingredients reflect that end goal? “Well, I don't know?”, might cross your mind. For giggles I am going to assume everyone wants to eat to be healthy. Health starts with wholesome. Wholesome is found in Nature as God provides. Our language has been corrupted so words can be misleading as in 'natural'. Natural is not necessarily health or wholesome.

To get a refresher on food and nutrition please read my previous blog posts: Nutrition 101, part 1 & 2, New Resolution, Three Key Points to Your Healthy Life and You Say You Don't But Do You? Links below:


Be Healthy Be Natural Be Tempted

(To disclose, I have no interest in KIND Bars.)