Posted on 10/07/2015


A few tricks are fun for Halloween but not when it comes to what the kids are eating: Tricks are not treats! Common neighborhood candies are loaded with artificial sweeteners, colors and unpronounceable ingredients. 


The great news is that keeping artificial colors, flavors and sugars out of our children's treats is a very easy thing to do! One example, is that even though I changed my family’s diet, I knew taking Trick-or-Treat activities away from my kids wasn’t a very practical solution. So, I let my kids turn their collected cache into “money” and I set up a storefront at the dining room table. They used the candy/money for various games, toys and “clean” treats I had purchased and put on display.

Another great alternative is to make your own Halloween desserts! Starting with an allergen-friendly cookie, like CaveChick cookies, make a safe and wholesome treat. Here are two great cookie treats you can make at home with the kids - along with decorating tips:

If Count Chocula loved cookies - this would be favorite:

(Using CaveChick DoubleDevil cookies)


Decorating tip: Melt 1 cup of your favorite dairy-free chocolate chips in a bowl, stovetop or microwave. Stir in 1⁄2 tsp oil. Dip one edge of the DoubleDevil cookie into melted chocolate and place on wax paper. Sprinkle with all-natural confection sprinkles. For Halloween, I like to use white and orange. My favorite brand of natural decorative confections is IndiaTree.


Spooky-Doodle Cookies:

(Using CaveChick CaveDoodle cookies)


Decorating tip: Squiggle CaveChick CaveDoodle cookie with egg free white Royal Icing (recipe below) and sprinkle with orange all natural confection sprinkles. Let set.

“Ice Creepy” Coconut Cookies:


Decorating tip: Take any coconut milk dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream and add a few drops of orange natural colorant. Grab 2 CaveDoodle cookies and sandwich them together with the orange ice cream. Sprinkle the edges with coconut shavings or sprinkles!

*Egg Free White Royal Icing

I wish I could take credit for this awesome icing. I've included the original youtube video link for your information. I did it a little differently and feel it turned out very good for this application.



  • 1 c powdered sugar, organic preferred
  • 1⁄2 lemon juice
  • 1 1⁄2 tsp whole flax seed


  • Put flax seed into small glass bowl. Squeeze all the juice out of 1⁄2 lemon. Let sit for 2 hours.
  • After time elapses pour lemon juice and flax seeds into a fine mesh strainer set over a glass bowl. With the back of a spoon squish and roll lemon juice and flax gel through the mesh strainer. This will take approx 15 minutes.
  • Sift powdered sugar into the lemon juice and stir. With a whisk mixer attachment, beat sugar paste until very smooth. One you have a smooth paste add more lemon juice or water (depends on how lemony you want the Royal Icing) until the icing is of a drizzle consistency.
  • Scoop icing into a piping bag or stiff ziplock freezer bag.
  • If using the freezer bag cut small section of corner tip to squeeze icing.
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