CaveChick’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

With the biggest Summer holiday just behind us (happy belated 4th of July, everyone!) and Labor Day weekend ahead, you might feel Summer is almost over. Don't dismay. There are still plenty more picnics, block parties, birthday celebrations and barbecues in store! Which is why we’re here to help. Planning a Summertime party can be an adventure.

It’s can even be challenging when you have kids with dairy, egg or modern wheat intolerances. Breaking down what they can and can’t eat at parties can be very confusing. Especially at the dessert table, keeping yourself away from conventional ingredients (refined sugars and refined grains) can be difficult and hard to manage. This doesn't mean the 'fun' stuff is all off-limits!

CaveChick cookies are dairy free and egg free; made with Whole Grain Organic Spelt, Ground Flax Seed and Maple sweetened for a more wholesome, allergen friendly cookie. Enjoy this delicious recipe I made for my family as a fun alternative and maybe even more wholesome dessert when compared to the traditional. These nondairy ice cream sandwiches are fun and easy to make. You and your kids can enjoy during the Summer heat at any celebration, or simply in your own backyard. The only problem you’ll have with these CaveChick ice cream sandwiches is keeping your hands off of them!

CaveChick’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Sandwiches


2 - CaveChick cookies of your choice. Try Chocolate Chip, DoubleDevil, Oats & Raisin or CaveDoodle flavors
1 scoop - Your choice of dairy-free ice cream (we like So Delicious Coconut Milk Dairy-Free Vanilla and Chocolate)
Optional: Shredded coconut, shaved dairy free dark chocolate or Let's Do Organic Natural* sprinkles *no artificial flavor or colors Instructions: Sandwich the ice cream between the two cookies of your choice. For a little extra flavor and decoration, add the sprinkles or shredded coconut around the edges of the sandwich. Place in sealed glass container or wrap in plastic wrap and let harden in freezer. Keep frozen until ready to eat and enjoy!

Quick Tip: To easily and neatly make perfect ice cream sandwiches it's best to have a perfect ice cream layer. The following method works best when ice cream is packaged in the pint containers. Simply put container on it's side on a non slip surface. With a sharp knife, cut through the bottom of the container and discard. Remove container lid. With clean scissors, cut container away from ice cream. Now take sharp knife and cut ice cream in desired thickness. One forth to one half inch thick ice cream slices work best. Now sandwich between your cookies. Perfect!

Who knew there was such a simple (and sweet) solution to the allergy-friendly and wholesome dessert problem? Happy Summer!

- Lori

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