Posted on 05/07/2014
I am thrilled to be entering the So Delicious Recipe Spring Fling Dairy-Free contest!  I've renamed my entered recipe for the event.  My So Delish Apple Salad has been enjoyed by my family for almost 20 years.  We went totally dairy-free in 1995 upon realizing  that dairy products were the main offender to my family's good health. I then became very aware of the important food choice.  Originally made with another dairy-free yogurt, I made the switch when So Delicious Cultured Coconut Milk 'yogurt'  was introduced to the market.  I don't know what can be better than coconut yumminess and medium chain fatty acids.  Thank you So Delicious for that bit of awesomeness!  

Now what can say Spring any better than fresh ingredients?  My So Delish Apple Salad is not only fresh but quick and easy to make!  Nutrient dense, wholesome, natural and fresh ingredients make for a perfect side or main dish, any time, for any occasion, any where and any time of day.  It's sure to be a party favorite.  You can even have it for breakfast.  Sprinkle some ground Flax Seed, unsweetened shredded Coconut or raw Old Fashion Rolled Oats on top!



So Delish Apple Salad
2- 6 oz  So Delicious Dairy-Free Cultured Coconut Milk, Plain flavor
2 medium or large Fuji or Gala apples, diced (organic if possible)

2 stalks celery, split lengthwise and sliced thin (organic if possible)
3/4 c. Organic Thompson Raisins
3/4 c. Pecans, slightly chopped (if using raw pecans- toast, cool & slightly chopped)
1/2 - 1 cup Mini Marshmallow, optional
Wash apples and celery stalks.  Put aside.  Using sharp knife and cutting board split celery stalks lengthwise and slice thin. Put into medium size bowl.  Cut, core and dice apples.  Add to bowl.  Finally, add raisins, slightly chopped pecans and the 2 - 6 oz So Delicious Dairy-Free Cultured Coconut Milk, Plain flavor yogurts to bowl.  Fold all ingredients gently until well mixed.  Store refrigerated.  Before serving add & fold mini marshmallow, optional.