Posted on 10/01/2013

Milk Free Monday!!

What's the healthiest milk alternative?

CaveChick's Answer: Given there is no reason to drink 'milk' (you can get all the nutrients you're expecting to get from dairy milk in healthier, more absorbable forms, eating a plant based diet).

Instead let's ask: What's the best cookie dunking, cereal pairing and smoothie making beverage?

There are so many wonderful and tasty alternative 'milk' beverages on the market these days. Rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, flax milk, coconut milk and even, hemp milk. I always go with the unsweetened versions because really, who needs added sugar? Unless, of course, you're enjoying a cookie! Read the labels. The added sugar in most of the milk alternatives can get pretty hefty. I suggest you get the family involved in trying them all. Always consider food allergies and sensitivities when you are choosing your foods. Find the ones you like and rotate them in your diet. Rotating foods in your eating plan is always a good idea as it can help prevent food sensitivities, even allergies, from occurring. I like to rotate my alternative milk choices between almond, coconut and flax. Yum, I think I'll have a CaveChick cookie and Almond milk now!

P.S. You may have noticed I didn't mention soy milk. Soy is a high allergen. It is also very much a phytoestogenic compound. These are some things to be concerned about.