Spring Cleaning with CaveChick Ideas

Yes! Spring is here and with it is the freshness of new growth, new life and new possibilities. As the outdoors is bursting with all this excitement so is the indoors. We want clean, fresh and new in our homes to match that of nature. We turn to 'Spring Cleaning' as our way of regenerating our spaces.

I'm often asked what cleaning products I use to in my home to keep it clean and toxin free. Recent years has given rise to many environmentally friendly cleaning products but these come with a hefty price tag. As the CaveChick I like to keep it simple.

For wood floors and furniture I use a rag dampened with water and a splash of distilled vinegar. Whip and dry immediately. I was told by a furniture expert that we make a mistake by cleaning with the oil based products as it leaves a film on the wood that just keeps building up with each application. Distilled vinegar is also very economical at just pennies a mixture. I use about a 4:1 ratio of water to distilled vinegar for floors and about 6:1 for furniture.

Distilled vinegar is also great for cleaning bathroom surfaces and glass. Some years back I found, quite by accident, a better alternative. (See blog post, Make Your Own Cleaning Products, 2/26/10) I love to use Original Listerine or the generic versions available! Mix the Original Listerine and water in about a 2:1 or 50/50 solution in a spray bottle. This is perfect for the bathroom sinks, toilets, mirrors, glass, fixtures, tile and counter tops. It's perfect for all the windows in your house! Add the Original Listerine to a bucket of water and it's great for the tile floors too! (Do not use on wood surfaces as the alcohol will dry the wood.) The best part is the fresh clean smell of the eucalyptus.......and it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

To clean stainless steel I wipe surface with a soft scrubby sponge sprinkled with Bon Ami. I then take a soft wet (not drippy wet) dish rag and wipe surface clean. Finally, I dry with a clean dry dish towel. Sparkling stainless each and every time.

I hope I've offered you many inexpensive, non-toxic and fresh smelling ideas to make your home sparkle the CaveChick way.