Posted on 03/27/2012

Yes! Spring is here and with it is the freshness of new growth, new life and new possibilities. As the outdoors is bursting with all this excitement so is the indoors. We want clean, fresh and new in our homes to match that of nature. We turn to 'Spring Cleaning' as our way of regenerating our spaces.

I'm often asked what cleaning products I use to in my home to keep it clean and toxin free. Recent years has given rise to many environmentally friendly cleaning products but these come with a hefty price tag. As the CaveChick I like to keep it simple.

For wood floors and furniture I use a rag dampened with water and a splash of distilled vinegar. Whip and dry immediately. I was told by a furniture expert that we make a mistake by cleaning with the oil based products as it leaves a film on the wood that just keeps building up with each application. Distilled vinegar is also very economical at just pennies a mixture. I use about a 4:1 ratio of water to distilled vinegar for floors and about 6:1 for furniture.

Distilled vinegar is also great for cleaning bathroom surfaces and glass. Some years back I found, quite by accident, a better alternative. (See blog post, Make Your Own Cleaning Products, 2/26/10) I love to use Original Listerine or the generic versions available! Mix the Original Listerine and water in about a 2:1 or 50/50 solution in a spray bottle. This is perfect for the bathroom sinks, toilets, mirrors, glass, fixtures, tile and counter tops. It's perfect for all the windows in your house! Add the Original Listerine to a bucket of water and it's great for the tile floors too! (Do not use on wood surfaces as the alcohol will dry the wood.) The best part is the fresh clean smell of the eucalyptus.......and it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

To clean stainless steel I wipe surface with a soft scrubby sponge sprinkled with Bon Ami. I then take a soft wet (not drippy wet) dish rag and wipe surface clean. Finally, I dry with a clean dry dish towel. Sparkling stainless each and every time.

I hope I've offered you many inexpensive, non-toxic and fresh smelling ideas to make your home sparkle the CaveChick way.

Posted on 03/02/2012

Cavechick Story

CaveChick, Inc. is the passion of mine, a mom and original CaveChick. Call me, The Nutritional Foodie! A labor of love, the recipes for these perfect cookies are those I developed in the mid 90's for my 3 children – my family, in response to their health and nutritional needs. I found conventional ingredients were making my family sick. We changed our food choices to minimally processed ingredients including heirloom grains, more nutritious sweeteners and organic whenever possible. We also eliminated foods that caused allergic and intolerance reactions specific to each of us. This led to my family regaining a healthy immune system and eliminating common chronic ailments.

Knowing the healthiest diet is like that of a caveman, using foods as they come from nature, but I still wanted my family to enjoy modern treats. Like cookies! So I had to relearn how to cook. Little did I know I was developing the best tasting and most naturally nutritious cookie recipes ever! Now, I bake these cookies for you and your customers. CaveChick cookies are available to make snacking better and healthy.

I'm a woman that cares about every ones health and quality of life. I want to share my recipes to offer quality food and snacks that tastes great. My mission is helping to guide you to your healthiest diet one cookie at a time. You have a desire to understand and learn about food, nutrition and allergies. Let's start the lesson with cookies! Any CaveTummy would crave the Non-GMO ingredients, ancient heritage organic 100% whole grain spelt, brown flax seed for healthy Omega 3's, and sustainable, nutritious maple sugar. The CaveChick cookie recipes are allergen friendly and Vegan so you know there was no need to raid the pterodactyl nest or milk a mastodon to make CaveChick Chocolate Chip, DoubleDevil, Oats & Raisin or CaveDoodle cookies. P.S. Alcohol free real vanilla is used in all the cookies too! (Please note: Made on equipment that processes dairy, eggs, soy and nuts. Contains: Wheat, Chocolate chips contain Soy Lecithin)

CaveChicks, CaveMoms & CaveDads, CaveGrandmas & CaveGrandpas, even CaveDudes and CaveKids will love the great tasting, ready to eat cookies with allergen considerations and nutrition in line. I'm proud to share with you the best cookies ever to be enjoyed! Remember eating is nourishment for your body, even when eating a cookie! Enjoy CaveChick cookies and enjoy great health too.

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