Posted on 02/26/2010

It's March......time to march in like a lion and march out like a lamb. It's also time to spring clean. Which brings us to all those adds for 'green' cleaners we are seeing more of these days. The 'green' cleaners on the market are earth friendly for sure and much better for your family's health but they are not quite budget friendly. There are many recipes available, but you usually have some ingredients to purchase and you can end up with a different recipe for each cleaning task. For example the oldest recipe for glass cleaning is vinegar and water. Have you ever smelled vinegar and water? You don't want to start spraying that all over the house. It doesn't exactly leave your room smelling fresh. CaveChick has a better way.

Some years ago, 5 to be exact, my son Ryan and I took our new pug puppy to puppy classes. One day the topic was on how to deter chewing on inappropriate things. You know the stuff: furniture, shoes, etc. We were told that dogs/puppies hate the taste of Original Flavor Listerine. We were to dilute Listerine with water, 50/50, put in a spray bottle and spray what we didn't want our little dear pug puppy to chew. We went out and purchased our squirt bottle and Listerine immediately. Ryan and I were so excited when we got home. We mixed up the magic potion and began spraying it on the kitchen chair legs...........well our cute little puppy walked up to the chair leg, sniffed it and much to our amazement began to lick it. OMG! She likes it. We were still at square one on the chewing situation. And now that she likes Listerine I had to quickly wash it off the legs of the chairs. But didn't my chair legs look sparkly! "Hey Ryan," I said, "What else do you think I could clean with this stuff?" I started with the windows. I got a streak free shine. I went to the bath. The mirror sparkled after a spritz and wipe with my new cleaner and paper towel (yes, I use paper towels). What about the really dirty stuff ? Why not! There is alcohol in the Listerine to kill all those germs. So on to the faucets, counter top and yes, the toilet. You name it. It was clean. It also smelled really good. It smelled clean and fresh, not chemically. Original Flavor Listerine is eucalyptol and menthol, yum.

The biggest plus of all is the cost. Pennies! If you really want to get a great deal use the generic versions of Original Flavor Listerine. Be sure not to get the minty stuff! The ratio of Listerine to water shouldn't be less than 50/50.

I use it on windows, mirrors, sinks, toilets, tubs, faucets and tile. (BonAmi is great for what needs to be scrubed.)

FYI: Don't use it on wood furniture. All that alcohol will dry out the wood.