Posted on 08/01/2010

My project, as CaveChick, Inc., is to inspire people to educate themselves to the foods they choose to eat and the effects those foods have on their bodies and immune system..........starting with dessert.

What is the correlation between food and immune system. In order to have good health one must have a strong immune system. The immune system is what protects us from disease, illness and aging. That which most directly influences ones immune system is food.

I want to interest people in 1) a more diversified diet 2) a more 'nature as intended' diet and 3) how food allergies and food intolerances (everyone has both) reduces immune function.

to be continued..........

Posted on 07/21/2010

Summer is here and so is the Corn! Whether steamed, boiled or grilled, everyone loves corn on the cob. My family loves it with flax oil and a sprinkle of salt.

Of the grass family, corn on the cob is the edible seed and is referred to as a cereal grain. People allergic to grasses should consider whether corn and corn derivatives are affecting their health. Are they compounding seasonal allergy symptoms? Are they a constant, year around, allergy symptom producer?

Corn is full of nutrients. It is a good source of folic acid, potassium, thiamine, plus magnesium, pantothenic acid, vit C, phosphorus, niacin, zinc, riboflavin and fiber.

As with all cereal grains corn does not contain all 8 of the essential amino acids. The essential amino acids must be obtained from food as our bodies are not able to synthesize them on their own. To have a balanced protein intake the deficit in lysine and tryptophan must be compensated for. Beans do the job.

The recipe that follows is another way my family loves to enjoy corn. It can be a complete meal or side salad for a Mexican Fiesta! Whether I'm using up leftover corn on the cob or grilling it fresh, this salad is a winner.

CaveChick's Summer Corn Salad

4 ears fresh corn on the cob, grilled
2 avocado, diced
1 can black beans, rinsed and drained
3-4 Tbls Flax oil
Juice of 1 Lemon
Fresh Cilantro, to taste
salt/pepper to taste (optional)
Corn chips

Grill corn. I prefer to grill with a few husks on the cob to give the corn a little smokey flavor. Usually takes about 5 mins per side. Remove corn from grill. Let cool. Cut kernels from cob. Place in bowl.

Add diced avocado, black beans, Flax oil, lemon juice and cilantro. Fold gently. Add salt/pepper if desired. Fold to mix.

Serve with your favorite corn chips.

Note: I like to use corn chips that have been prepared with lime. This increases the available niacin in the corn and is richer in calcium.

Serving option: Place your favorite lettuce on a serving plate. Sprinkle lettuce with some fresh lime/lemon juice. Place 1/2 cup CaveChick's Summer Corn Salad on top. Sprinkle top with crushed corn chip. Yum!

Posted on 06/01/2010
"The whole food is worth more that the sum of it's parts"
Posted on 05/01/2010

This months blog entry is a reprint of the best article I've ever read regarding obtaining good health.

My own good health and svelte poundage has always been dismissed by others, mainly my friends and acquaintances as 'good genes'. This comment has always and will always infuriate me! I choose, now, most always to let the remark go without comment. I have come to see it as an accusation by the one speaking it. As only someone 'blessed' as being able to have it. Of course my preferred response is, "I work very hard to maintain my weight and health by staying active and making conscientious decisions each and every time (well, almost all the time) I put something in my mouth." This statement is followed by either a role of the eyes or by the comments, "Then you aren't having any fun are you?" or "I could never give up _______/I don't eat ______!"

The same holds true to my children's health. My children's early years were spent visiting the doctor, on antibiotics and on over the counter meds for various 'common' ailments. The doctors response was always the same. The kids were just suffering from 'what was going around'. That is until I changed what they ate! No longer did they suffer the illnesses that were 'going around'. I'm proud to say they have not been on antibiotics since 1994. No ear infections, no bacterial infections, no bronchitis, no strep, no eczema, no sinus infections, no etc.........I spoke of this all the time to those around me. I wanted to help, by sharing my knowledge, to alleviate there family's suffering. So when a parent was mentioning the current illness their children were suffering from I'd say, "my kids use to suffer from that all the time but they haven't had such problems since I quite feeding them this and provided more of that". Surprisingly in the 15 years I've tried to help those around me NO ONE has ever adopted anything I've said. Not even family!

And so I write to you.....cyberworld.

Good Health in No Accident
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor,

(NaturalNews) Those who seek answers for their health outside the realm of their own decisions are looking in the wrong place. Health is no accident. Lasting health can only appear as the result of a lifetime of informed, deliberate decisions aligned with nature's principles of health, not the distorted version of health promoted by our backward system of mainstream medicine.

And yet many people still believe that health is something that is bestowed upon them by some mysterious exterior force. The whole effort to raise money to find "the cure" for cancer, for example, is a powerful demonstration of misplaced faith in external healing. This idea that a cure for cancer must come from outside one's self rather than from within is perhaps the greatest conceptual sleight of hand that has yet been pulled off by the sick-care industry.

The cure for cancer is already programmed within. Each person is born with a highly-advanced cellular nanotechnology that already knows how to cure cancer. Activating this inner healing potential is all that's necessary to prevent and cure cancer everywhere around the world, starting right now.

Health happens through you, not to you
And yet the masses continue to eat cancer-causing foods and pursue cancer-causing lifestyles even while blindly handing over their money in the form of donations to organizations that they naively hope will come along and "save them" someday.

Think carefully about this dynamic: The person believes health is something that happens TO them rather than something that happens THROUGH them. And so they remain stuck, floundering in a pattern of self-inflicted sickness and disease while hoping that some other organization, government or health care plan will somehow save them.

While they wait for that external solution, disease and sickness creeps up on them.

Obesity is what happens when a person spends each day imagining how much they're going to start exercising tomorrow.

Cancer is what happens when a person spends each day eating cancer-causing foods and donating money to Komen for the Cure rather than just getting some sunshine to boost their own vitamin D.

Disease is what happens when people believe they have no role in their own health outcome. So they eat for entertainment rather than for nourishment, and they live for product-induced external stimulation rather than internal fulfillment.

Woosh -- right over their heads!
At this point in this article, by the way, we've already lost 99 out of 100 mainstream people. These concepts -- that health is no accident -- are so foreign to the average pre-programmed consumer that they are incapable of recognizing them, much less embracing them. They've been told so many times that health comes through intervention (vaccines, pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, etc.) that the idea of health being created from within just doesn't compute for them.

And that's the way mainstream medicine likes it. A population that believes it has no control over its own health is ripe for exploitation by a highly interventionist medical industry. Those who have lost hope in their own inner health potential tend to place their hope in things like silly pink-ribbon fundraisers that promise to "end breast cancer forever" -- a wishy-washy idea that lies somewhere between poetic fiction and outright marketing fraud.

Cancer can never be "cured" through any external, artificial means, regardless of how many billions of dollars are thrown at it. Trying to cure cancer with synthetic medications makes about as much sense as trying to cure illiteracy by feeding children "reading pills."

Health is a determined path, not an accidental occurrence
Health, like learning to read, is something that must be pursued through dedicated self-advancement. Neither literacy nor health can be endowed upon you with the flick of a magic (medication) wand. They cannot be injected into you through a needle. They can only be achieved by teaching each person how to own their results.

If you wish to learn how to read, for example, you must first accept responsibility that no one else can read for you. YOU must go through the learning and advancement curve if you wish to experience the positive results of being literate.

It's the same with health: If you wish to express health literacy, no one else can do it for you -- no doctor, no vaccine, no cancer non-profit group and certainly not pink buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken. You must grasp the controls over your own health destination. Take responsibility for the results you are creating with each and every decision you make: Decisions about food, stress, sleep, the use of your mind, the use of your free time, the personal care products you use, etc.

Be an adult
If you accept responsibility for your own health, then you are an adult. Children, on the other hand, take no responsibility for themselves and instead rely on outside factors to determine their experience. A child's happiness, sadness and other circumstances depend almost entirely on what's happening externally at that moment.

Adulthood is only achieved when a person grasps the level of maturity necessary to allow their inner expressions to override external influences. An adult is someone who can achieve their own health, learning, happiness or bliss without needing to turn to external (artificial) stimulations to mimic such conditions.

A child mind, for example, uses food as entertainment, television as distraction and condescension as an affirmation of self importance. This is the role of much of reality television, for example: To allow the viewing audience to feel important by offering them a visual forum through which they can express judgmental views at the inadequate people being paraded in front of them through artificial constructs of staged emotional drama.

In other words, you get to judge people and hurl verbal insults at them. "She's got fake boobs! My gosh!"

Consumption is a one-way street
As you've probably already noticed, most of the mainstream population operates from the child mindset. They are consumers, begging to be distracted, injected, entertained, medicated and told how to live, think and feel (and vote). The idea of stepping outside this preprogrammed existence and exploring the world from an adult mindset is downright frightening to these people.

Approaching the world from a point of view that acknowledges self-responsibility means casting aside all the convenient comforts of living life as a child and instead bracing yourself for the harsh reality of taking responsibility for your own decisions. Being a child is so much easier, isn't it? If you're just a child, you can't be blamed for bad results. It's always someone elses fault. (How long do I have to wait for Komen to actually FIND the cure, anyway? Can I keep eating bacon in the mean time?)

Most people, no matter what their age, have still not achieved self-responsibility. Most people are engorged in their television, gossip, fast food, chemical addictions and illusions of health that they've acquired by purchasing "trans fat free" processed foods or "high fiber" breakfast cereal laced with sugar. They are the minds of children living in deteriorating adult bodies while begging for magical medical interventions that will never exist.

My greatest wish is that our population of humans on our planet will grow up and embrace adulthood. Only through educated, responsible decisions that consider the long-term consequences of our immediate actions can individuals -- or humanity -- hope to evolve into a sustainable species. The failure of mainstream humans to understand simple concepts like "health is no accident" are merely a reflection of the far wider and more dangerous failures to understand the dynamics of sustainable life on a self-contained planet in a vast and formidable universe.

If we cannot attain the level of adulthood to take care of our own bodies, how on earth can we expect to achieve the level of consciousness necessary to function as stewards for the only habitable planet we know of in our entire universe?

Humanity remains in its infancy. Those of us who accept responsibility for our own actions are living as rare observers in a world run by children, populated by children and now being destroyed by children -- all in adult bodies, of course. The childish concepts of selfish thinking and "that's MINE!" are the lifeblood of our world's largest corporations which seek to own everything they touch, much like little children licking all the cookies to claim them as personal property.

Corporations, for the most part, are immature expressions of economic selfishness that cater to immature consumers who have not yet decided to embrace adult-class self responsibility. The entire free market, in fact, is driven primarily by childish selfish greed rather than ideas of compassion for fellow human beings or business models based on determined sustainability rather than consumption gullibility.

Even most of the non-profits, which are supposed to be based on compassion, have turned into childish, greed-driven money expansion machines that only seek to rake in more profits at any cost to society. Nowhere is this more evident than in the cancer industry, where both the American Cancer Society and Komen for the Cure have become financial juggernauts by promising cures for cancer but delivering nothing but more disease to the people. (Mammograms cause cancer, for example.)

It is no accident, either, that in our time of the greatest disease ever witnessed on planet earth, we also live among the most powerful and exploitative "disease non-profits" that promise health salvation if we would only give them another few billion dollars.

As long as childish thinking dominates modern society, such fraudulent non-profits will continue to prey upon the externalization of health tendencies of the population. The greatest fear of every disease non-profit front group is that mainstream consumers might wake up, take charge of their own health, begin to make informed decisions about preventing disease and thereby make the disease non-profits largely irrelevant.

How convenient it is, then, that the very products now used to raise money for the cancer industry non-profits are the same ones that promote cancer, heart disease, obesity and dull minds.

*CaveChick would like to add that removing dairy products from our diet was the most important dietary change. Besides being ranked the #1 allergen dairy products are highly bacterial, mucous producing and contain large amounts of hormones. Dairy products can easily overload an immune system.

My family and I found health through the foods we chose to eat. You can too. Now, that's the way to reduce health care cost and have good health!!

Posted on 03/30/2010

Who doesn't love the classic saying, "April showers bring May flowers"? We see the soil awaken with the first sprouts of green poking up. Did you know that those showers bring more than flowers? Go below the surface. It's the awakening of microorganisms. Billions to hundreds of billions of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and various 'bugs' are stirring. That translated is mold. Mold that is being thrown up into the air we breath.

Many people are allergic to mold. Mold is encountered many ways. Moldy basements, old moldy houses, closets, the great outdoors. If you are a mold sufferer you know the discomfort it can cause, head aches, migraines, sinus trouble, asthma, bronchitis, light headedness, brain fog, irritability, hives, runny eyes, attention deficit, hyperactivity, anger/rage, polyps...........the list can go on. Most of the moldy areas I've mentioned are easier to avoid. The big problem is that it's impossible to stay away from the air. Unless we are walking around with an astronaut helmet equipped with a oxygen tank.

So what is one to do to alleviate the symptoms of our mold allergies? One thing we can do for ourselves is to keep our living area free of mold. By keeping basements dry, bathrooms well ventilated, removing house plants we improve our indoor air. This lessens the burden on our immune systems. That alone can not always be enough to keep us feeling like ourselves this time of year. Many people turn to one or more of the many over the counter meds for relief. Those may improve the mold allergy symptoms but one is left feeling tired, dehydrated and constipated. Many turn to doctors for a pharmaceutical prescription. Those may also help but the list of side effects leaves me wondering if the risk of sudden cardiac arrest is worth the elimination of a few allergy symptoms.

Did you know there is more you can do to lessen the burden of these mold allergies on your immune system. It might even be enough to get through the season med free! We have to look at the molds in our lives that we can control. Our immune systems are like a camels back. It can only hold so much before it collapses. I will assume for the sake of this blog article that mold is the only allergy you are suffering from. (In reality, this is not the case!) We can't control the outdoor air. We can control our indoor air. WE CAN ALSO CONTROL THE FOOD WE EAT!

Believe it. It's true. We can control the food we eat to get more relief or total relief from the mold allergy. Yes, this means sacrifice. But just imagine being free of allergy symptoms, not wasting time and money on meds and doctor visits and reducing the strain on your immune system that would increase quality of life, even length of life.............

What foods would we want to omit from our consumption habits? The answer, the moldy foods. What follows is a list of moldy foods (meds & vitamins) to omit if you are a mold allergy suffer. P.S. Yeast is a mold.

Sources of Yeasts and Molds
Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, whiskey, etc.)
Baking yeast
Brewer's yeast
Citric acid
Dried fruit
Fermented foods
Foods enriched with vitamins
Fruit juice (unless homemade)
Herb tea
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP)
Leftover's (food)
Many fresh fruits (es. grapes, oranges & melons)
Meat from animals fed antibiotics
Mineral supplements (es. selenium & chromium)
Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
Nutritional yeast
Nuts and nut butter
Peanuts and peanut butter
Products with vinegar (mayonnaise, dressings, catsup, mustard, pickles, kraut, olives, etc)
Soy sauce
Sour cream
Sourdough bread (imitation made with yeast)
Sourdough bread
Tomato sauce
Torula yeast
Vitamins, especially B vit, unless labeled 'yeast free'
Xantham gum (fermented from corn)
Special thanks to Beth Loiselle, The Healing Power of Whole Foods, for the list.

Fear not for I know what I'm talking about. I have dealt with allergies including mold allergies in myself, my husband and with each of my children. At one point my husbands health was in such poor condition he could not tolerate leftovers! Sounds crazy but it's true. Molds were one of the causes of his sinus polyps and crashing immune system. My children, among other effects suffered by molds, demonstrated behavioral symptoms, sinus congestion, agitation, hyperactivity and goofiness (like a happy drunk).

I would like to add that dairy products are highly bacterial, mucous producing and contain large amounts of hormones. It would be wise to omit dairy products for a healthy immune system.

I (we) found health through the foods we chose to eat. You can too. Now, that's the way to reduce health care cost!!

Posted on 02/26/2010

It's March......time to march in like a lion and march out like a lamb. It's also time to spring clean. Which brings us to all those adds for 'green' cleaners we are seeing more of these days. The 'green' cleaners on the market are earth friendly for sure and much better for your family's health but they are not quite budget friendly. There are many recipes available, but you usually have some ingredients to purchase and you can end up with a different recipe for each cleaning task. For example the oldest recipe for glass cleaning is vinegar and water. Have you ever smelled vinegar and water? You don't want to start spraying that all over the house. It doesn't exactly leave your room smelling fresh. CaveChick has a better way.

Some years ago, 5 to be exact, my son Ryan and I took our new pug puppy to puppy classes. One day the topic was on how to deter chewing on inappropriate things. You know the stuff: furniture, shoes, etc. We were told that dogs/puppies hate the taste of Original Flavor Listerine. We were to dilute Listerine with water, 50/50, put in a spray bottle and spray what we didn't want our little dear pug puppy to chew. We went out and purchased our squirt bottle and Listerine immediately. Ryan and I were so excited when we got home. We mixed up the magic potion and began spraying it on the kitchen chair legs...........well our cute little puppy walked up to the chair leg, sniffed it and much to our amazement began to lick it. OMG! She likes it. We were still at square one on the chewing situation. And now that she likes Listerine I had to quickly wash it off the legs of the chairs. But didn't my chair legs look sparkly! "Hey Ryan," I said, "What else do you think I could clean with this stuff?" I started with the windows. I got a streak free shine. I went to the bath. The mirror sparkled after a spritz and wipe with my new cleaner and paper towel (yes, I use paper towels). What about the really dirty stuff ? Why not! There is alcohol in the Listerine to kill all those germs. So on to the faucets, counter top and yes, the toilet. You name it. It was clean. It also smelled really good. It smelled clean and fresh, not chemically. Original Flavor Listerine is eucalyptol and menthol, yum.

The biggest plus of all is the cost. Pennies! If you really want to get a great deal use the generic versions of Original Flavor Listerine. Be sure not to get the minty stuff! The ratio of Listerine to water shouldn't be less than 50/50.

I use it on windows, mirrors, sinks, toilets, tubs, faucets and tile. (BonAmi is great for what needs to be scrubed.)

FYI: Don't use it on wood furniture. All that alcohol will dry out the wood.

Posted on 01/31/2010

February is our month of love and one way or another we focus on our hearts. In love or broken hearted we should all want our ticker to be healthy. As always exercise and good nutrition are most important to our healthy hearts. It's our chosen lifestyle that dictate our health. Yes, I said, 'our chosen lifestyle'.

Pick up any magazine. You'll find loads of information on what is heart healthy. You can always count on an article listing the diets of indigenous people promising the health promoting affects if you eat the listed foods. Problem is there are so many suggestions it's hard to remember and many times there are contradictions. I believe the true health benefits derived from the eating habits of these different areas is in what the article doesn't mention...... what they don't eat. For example let's look at how soy has been promoted as the nutritional savior of the rural Asian diet. It is being added to almost everything by Western manufacturers of processed foods. We are lead to believe it will save our hearts by adding it to our existing food choices in our Standard American Diet. I believe that in these Asian diets soy is part of the already healthy natural diet. They eat rice, vegetables, fruits, no diary and appropriate amounts of fish and meats. This adds up to a diet full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, complex carbohydrates and a more balanced protein intake. CaveChick food. Good for them! For Westerners that are living on refined foods that have a sprinkling of government decided vitamins, cheese, large portions of meats and little fruits and would take a miracle for just the addition of soy to make a change in ones heart health. Having said that, quit looking for miracles, change your lifestyle food choices.

Change our lifestyle. Change all our food choices. First, I think it might be easier to think of what not to eat in our new lifestyle. Stay away from the unnaturals. Stay away from a diet full of fractionated food. CaveChick believes that the whole is worth more than the sum of it's parts. We'll start with a simple rule - if it didn't grow that way don't eat it. When you get the hang of it you can work on incorporating healthy manufactured food into your lifestyle. But don't even think of eating the following...

1) hydrogenated oils.

2) refined grains.

3) artificial flavors, artificial color and chemical preservatives.

4) sweetened beverages or your fruit (where's the fiber).

5) processed food. No matter how many vitamins that are promised to be added!Watch for the so called 'functional foods' also. CaveChick believes the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

6) diary products. That's cheese, milk and butter! (p.s. Eggs are not a dairy product.)

7) refined sugar for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Being a nutritional foodie I would like to give you a few ideas to make good nutrition choices easier to remember. You just eat like a CaveChick. Choose foods that are as nature provided. If you are purchasing a prepared food look at the ingredients. Are they as nature provided? If not, don't buy it. Choose to eat:

1) Whole grains. Replace white flour in your recipe with whole grain.

2) Fresh fruits and vegetables.

3) Natural oils - coconut, almond, avocado, walnut, palm, olive, hemp

4) Raw nuts and seeds, lightly toasted.

5) Sugar as an occasional choice.

6) Meats, if you chose it, as a flavoring ever so often. Many have come to view 'meat' as the main event. The more the better. That just ain't so.

I'd just like to add that there is no such thing as 'not enough time to cook'. That's just not acceptable. Make time. Your lifestyle should include time to nourish yourself and your loved ones. It demonstrates self respect. It teaches self respect. It also gives you control over what you consume. It's your health and your lifestyle. Be good to it.

It's Valentine's Day. We want chocolate! Lucky for us dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and serotonin boosters. I once hosted a desert Valentine's Day party called, 'Was It Love or the Chocolate'. You guessed it. Everything at the party was chocolate. Yum! But anyway, I'll give you the link to happiness. I've found a great chocolatier that makes vegan (dairy free) chocolate complete with the pretty boxes!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted on 01/07/2010

It's the New Year. So many resolutions. Everyone knows that the #1 resolution is to loose weight, get healthy and cut out deserts. Every year it's written how this is so hard to accomplish. AND WHY? Because everyone has unrealistic goals. Not that loosing weight, eating healthy and cutting out deserts is unrealistic. It's how people go about it.

Diets don't work. Everyone goes on a restriction diet. Looses weight by starvation. Then goes back to the old way of eating. The way of eating that made you fat in the first place. If diets don't work how is one to loose weight? Answer: There needs to be a shift in focus to understand..........YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE! FOREVER!!!!

Lifestyle is what you eat, when you eat, where you eat, how much you eat AND exercise/activity level.

For many of us it's cold outside. We come in after shoveling the snow or just playing in it. We need something to warm up our insides. A big mug of hot chocolate with lots of little marshmallow is the first thing that comes to mind. But what about that New Years Resolution? Don't chuck it.

A standard recipe for hot chocolate would be: milk that's loaded with fat, lactose, bovine hormones and probably antibiotic and pesticide residue, chocolate syrup containing cocoa, more milk, stabilizers and sweetened with lots of corn syrup and marshmallows that are laced with artificial flavors and preservatives. For one 8oz. mug you are looking at over 220 calories with over 20 grams of fat and over 40 grams of carbs (the highly refined kind). Not a pretty picture.

CaveChick Hot Chocolate recipe is the best choice. Dairy free and natural it offers that warmth from the inside for about 55 calories per 8 oz. mug with 3.5 grams of fat and only 3 grams of carbs coming from the 'milk' and less than about 5 grams of carbs from the mini marshmallows. You also get to enjoy the benefits of almonds. Almonds are full of essential vitamins and minerals. As well as being heart healthy and full of natural calcium and magnesium.

I like Almond Breeze unsweetened chocolate non-dairy beverage as is. Adding the little marshmallows makes it fun. There's no sugar overload. Just a sweet sip on your lips. You stay safe from diabetes, the sugar rush and dairy allergies. Perfect for kids and you.

CaveChick Hot Chocolate Recipe
2 cups Blue Diamond Natural Almond Breeze Unsweetened Chocolate non-dairy beverage
1/8 cup natural mini marshmallows
(Elyon natural vanilla, WholeFoods fresh, Dandies vegan)
Heat chocolate almond beverage in medium saucepan over low heat. About 5 minutes. When heated to desired temp. pour equally between 2 mugs. Put about 6 mini marshmallow atop each.
There you have the enjoyment of hot chocolate staying in your lifestyle the healthy way.