Posted on 12/21/2009

The Holidays are well upon us. The good, bad and the ugly...........but we don't want ugly skin. No time for a facial. No monies for a facial. Try CaveChick's natural, quick and easy way to brighten your complexion.

Put your favorite natural facial cleansing lotion or cream into the palm of your hand. Sprinkle a little BAKING SODA on top of the facial cleansing lotion/cream. Use a finger to mix. Now it's ready to use. Rub ever so gently onto face, neck and decolletage. Careful, do not get in eyes! Rinse with water. Moisturize as usual.

Not only does the Baking Soda remove makeup build up and dry flaky skin particles but the natural antibacterial properties of the Baking Soda, sodium bicarbonate, will work wonders on acne breakouts. Got a pesky pimple? Make a little 'paste' with the Baking Soda and let sit on that bump for a few minutes!

Happy Holidays and A Very Happy New Year!