Welcome to CaveChick, Inc

CaveChick, Inc. is the passion of mine, a mom and an original CaveChick. Call me The Nutritional Foodie! A labor of love the recipes for CaveChick cookies are those I developed in the mid 90's for my 3 children in response to health and nutritional needs. I found conventional ingredients were making my children sick. Together we learned to eliminated foods that caused allergic and intolerance reactions specific to each of us. We also consciencously made our food choices based on unrefined and minimally processed ingredients including heirloom grains, less refined sweeteners and organic whenever possible. This led to my entire family regaining a healthy immune system and eliminating common acute and chronic ailments.

The healthiest diet is like that of a caveman, using foods as they come from nature. Given our new found definintion of food I still wanted my family to enjoy modern treats, like cookies! I enloyed learning to cook omitting dairy products, eggs and modern wheat while incorporating new found ingredients. Little did I know what was developing were the best tasting and most naturally nutritious cookie recipes ever! Now, these cookies are baked for you. CaveChick cookies are available to make cookie snacking healthier.